Style. Travel. Create.

Who am I?

My name is Brandi or Bee to most, and I am a very passionate person about areas in my life that have created and shaped me as a person. I have a story that goes deep and never stays on a straight and narrow path.

Through my website, I am going to take you on an adventure. I will take you down dark back alleys they always said to never go to. I will take you to high-class high teas where my manners were put to the test. I will take you to a dirt floor village that made the best rice, whether it was the rice or the people is debatable. I will also take you on flashback memories of my life as a CIS athlete and the turning points of my eductions. I will show you how I got clear on my picture in life and was able to launch the business of my dreams.

Through travel, passion, heartache, culture, food, love, sport, and much more I will tell you my story and spread inspiration simply as myself, as Bee.