The Perfect Travel Outfit

Explained piece by piece.

My favourite style combines comfort and class while on the go.

This post is not just to inspire you with a cute outfit to wear while you travel but to show you where to buy these pieces and why I chose them. Well, why I designed them!
I am the owner of Beelieve Lifestyle and Apparel and my company creates high quality, eco-friendly, ethically made travel apparel. I have been on the road for the last 5 years and have perfected these pieces to share with you. We take style, security, and comfort into account when designing each piece. Security? Yes! Each product has a hidden pocket that you can keep your credit card, ID, cash, and even passport in. Okay, let’s get to building your perfect travel outfit.

First Layer: The Bra-Ket

The Bra-Ket is an amazing addition to any outfit, travelling or not. It is made with bamboo fabric and has two pockets located under each armpit to house your goodies. These pockets are big enough for your passport. I wear my Bra-Ket daily but find it especially comfortable when sitting on long haul flights. No pinching straps or clasps.

A great spot for your passport when roaming around a new city.

When I first arrive in a new city or country I like to make sure my most important things; credit card, passport, big bills, are close to my body and in a spot that no one can easily access. I usually take a few minutes in the airport bathroom before heading into the action to tuck my things safely away. But what about your phone? Read below, there is more coming.

Second Layer: Travel Tank

1 tank, 4 pockets

The Travel Tank is the second layer going on this perfect outfit. The Tank highlights include; luxury bamboo material, two hidden pockets located under the armpits and two pockets on the outside located at belt level. The pockets located under the armpits are great for your passport or any items you’d like to keep safe. The front pockets are great for your phone and lip gloss.

This style has not been released into our line up yet but it is coming soon. We will be launching both a men’s and women’s style. To make sure you do not miss out on the pre-sale click here to join our mailing list.

Third Layer: The Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf housing a pocket big enough to fit an iPhone.

The Beelieve Infinity Scarf has been a top seller since the day we released it and we clearly know why. The bamboo material gives a soft and comfortable fit and the style can go with any outfit. On top of all of that, we have added a zipper secured pocket that allows you to keep your items close at hand at all times. Say goodbye to the panicked purse dig or the heart-stopping seat check looking for your next boarding pass or customs card. We’ve created this piece to give you more peace while you take on your next adventure. I love wearing this scarf on the plane to keep me warm and I keep my passport and boarding passes zipped up from the moment I enter the plane to the moment I make it to my destination.

Fourth Layer: The Travel Cardigan

A light comfortable cardigan is key. Not only is it great for the plane but it folds up small and it can be used for nearly any occasion once you have reached your destination. A bamboo cardigan will change the way you wear cardigans, let alone a bamboo cardigan with hidden pockets.

I am lucky enough to have some amazing friends in this industry. The cardigan I am wearing was made by my friend Anna from Vietnam. While I was visiting her we took a week and designed a few pieces that are inspired by my travels through Asia. We came up with this perfect cardigan that Beelieve will be making in its own style. Can you bet that there will be hidden pockets somewhere? Oh yes!

We have not released our version of the Travel Cardigan but click here to join our mailing list so you don’t miss out!

Fifth Layer: The Wrist Wrap

The Wrist Wrap will soon become a part of your daily outfit

The Wrist Wrap is an amazing accessory to add into any outfit. You simply put your cards and cash into the pocket and wrap it around your wrist for security. Still don’t get it? Watch me here as I show you how to master the wrap.

I wear my Wrist Wrap in my daily routine when I run errands or when I head for a night out with my friends. When travelling I use it for my hotel key. You can secure your key in the pocket and when you need to head back to your room you simply scan your wrist. Great for those nights when you forget everything like; the time, the name of the bar you were at, the last shot you took, you will thank yourself for being so smart and planning ahead.

The Sixth Layer: Beelieve Headband

Top Naughty for the win.

Accessorizing any outfit is key. When you can add an accessory that gives more than just a great look then you know you’ve levelled up. Beelieve creates headbands with pockets in them that can hold your cards and cash and are made from the luxury bamboo material we all love. But here is the game changer, they stay on! No bobby pins or clips, no wearing your headband at the top of your head, no constant pulling on the sides. Impossible you say? How? Well, it is all in the fabric. This is an area where we think it is important to deliver and if that means spending more money on high-quality fabrics then that is what we will do. We know our community, we know you cherish quality, and we know you expect the best. We deliver on it all. Check out the different styles and see what suits you best.

The Finale: Re-Useable Bamboo Straw

Re-useable Bamboo Straw

We all know and are well informed of the importance of taking small actions to create a better planet for us all. Here is one small but impactful action you can take, start using a reusable bamboo straw. You can get them from the Beelieve site, cleaner included, and is a great addition to any travel destination. You cannot count on other people, restaurants, bars, or resorts to be taking action so you need to do it. Whip that straw out with pride and sip it back.

Taking your straw on the go? Our talented and creative team actually makes small to-go travel bags for your straw! How cool, eh! This is one of the many projects we use our leftover fabric for making our production zero waste.

There you have it, the perfect travel outfit. What about the pants? Most airports accept a pant-free philosophy. Totally joking! I like to wear leggings that are long enough to keep my ankles covered. Leggings are great as they can be an extra layer if needed or a cooler option in hot countries. Beelieve will be releasing a travel pant in the near future so make sure you jump on the email list so you don’t miss out.

Safe and stylish travels to you all.

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